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                  Mianyang City People's Government Official Website

                  New Progress In Infrastructure Construction

                  2019-03-08 11:51
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                  New progress has been made in the construction of infrastructure in the central development area of Science and Technology City in 2018, with the planned investment of 11 billion Yuan in 74 infrastructure projects in the year and the actual completion of 11.554 billion Yuan which accounts for 105.03 percent of the annual task, the Sci-Tech city's Management Committee said on 24.

                  In order to promote infrastructure construction in centralized development areas, the special group for planning and construction has established a mechanism that is responsible for the monthly regular meeting and weekly inspection, agreement default notification, and special class promotion. Annual on-site promotions have been carried out more than 50 times as well as more than 10 interviews with responsible units. In this context, a special promotion class was set up, including the special class of the pipe gallery, the heart of science and technology area, the demonstration project; more than 60 inspections were conducted throughout the year. In conjunction with the comprehensive coordination group and the office of project supervision, the state council carried out three special inspections and notified 16 projects with delayed progress, giving a strong boost to project construction. The requirements in the detailed planning for the centralized development core areain the north of Anchang River) and that of the planning and controlling details four town overall have been completed. The draft of The municipal road design guidelines is formulated on the ground of treating the project as the center, problem as orientation, to promote the construction of infrastructure projects by taking timely meeting for research, coordinating task assignment, and supervising the feedback effectively.
                  In 2018, a total of 74 infrastructure projects (85 assessment sub-items) in the central development zone reached a total investment of 39.19 billion Yuan, and the completed investment valued 11 billion Yuan. In the whole year, the actual investment topped 11.554 billion Yuan that exceeds the investment target. Of the 45 projects under construction, seven have been completed, and 33 (including 22 reserve projects) are in the process of carrying out preliminary work.



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