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                  Mianyang City People's Government Official Website

                  Optimizing Business Environment, Mianyang Press "Fast Forward Key"

                  2019-03-08 11:34
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                  “The deeper the water, the happier the fish will be. The bigger the space, the more prosperous the country will be.” Business environment is not only the soil for the survival and development of enterprises, but also an important foundation for the development of a city.

                  To be a good waiter for enterprises and make great efforts in the business environment, the Work Programme for Further Optimizing the Business Environment in Mianyang City(hereinafter referred to as the Work Programme) was formulated and promulgated in January 2019, namely "35 Articles for Optimizing the Business Environment". The article reveals the foresight of the Mianyang Municipal Committee of CCP(MMCCCP) and the Mianyang Municipal People’s government, and reflects the determination, confidence and perseverance of our city to strive to create a first-class business environment in China and a leading business environment in Sichuan province.

                  To optimize the business environment and promote high-quality development, we pressed the "Fast Forward" button without "stop". On February 26, the Conference on optimizing business environment was held in Mianyang, and the List of Tasks for Further Optimizing Business Environment was issued. Thirty-five policy measures were decomposed one by one, and the leading, primary and participating units were identified one by one.

                  Resolution refers to the specific actions to carry out the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and to fully implement the necessary requirements of the central and provincial decision-making and deployment. Faced with the opportunity, we acted according to the situation, responded to the situation, and acted in accordance with the situation. We studied and formulated the Work Program, releasing a strong signal of optimizing the business environment to ensure that the central and provincial decision-making deployment takes root and blossoms in Mianyang, and promote the formation of a good situation in which funds, projects, enterprises and talents rush in.

                  Confidence refers to continuous efforts to optimize the business environment with higher standards, tougher measures, faster action and better results. We regards optimizing the business environment as the "No. 1 project" to promote high-quality economic development, and to create a first-class, provincial-leading, internationalized and convenient business environment under the rule of law. Work Program focuses on key points, breaks through the pain points, and improves the business environment policy system.

                  Persistence means optimizing the business environment not only in "speaking and doing", but also in consistently doing better. We will continue to exert its efforts and make long-term achievements, and strive to create a policy environment beneficial for people and companies, and create an efficient and convenient government environment, an open competitive market environment, a fair and just legal environment, an open and inclusive humanistic environment and a livable and occupational urban environment, so as to bring a strong combined force together to promote the development of Mianyang in transformation, innovation and leapfrog.

                  Grasp Implementation and Promote Effectiveness

                  Make efforts to create a policy environment for benefiting enterprises and people

                  Policy environment is the most basic one and it has a strong "vane" role. In January 2019, according to Mianyang's actual situation, we formulated and promulgated the Work Program to accelerate the transformation of government functions, to optimize government management methods and to enhance administrative efficiency. It truly transformed the dividends of policy into development.

                  Practice has proved that talents will go to the place where the business environment is good, and it is the same with the funds and projects. On February 26, the Task List for Further Optimizing Business Environment was released at the city's Conference of Optimizing Business Environment, and the "35 Articles for Optimizing Business Environment" were discussed one by one to serve the enterprises and the masses until they are satisfied. We should make the effects of policy to overlap and interact with each other, and constantly enhance the sense of policy gains of enterprises and the masses.

                  We should strengthen organizational leadership. The leading group of the Mianyang municipal construction service-oriented government shall coordinate and promote the work of optimizing the business environment of the whole city, formulate relevant work programs and organize their implementation, study and solve major problems in the process of promoting the work, and coordinate and resolve major cross-departmental and cross-district and county issues involved in optimizing the business environment. The "leaders" of counties (cities, districts), parks and municipal departments should grasp the task of optimizing the business environment, and carry out the task of special personnel to ensure the implementation of relevant decision-making and deployment and work requirements of municipal committees and municipal governments.

                  We should create a good atmosphere. All local departments should vigorously publicize the significance of creating a first-class business environment through various ways. We should create a strong atmosphere of "emphasizing business, respecting business and being pro-business" in the whole society and make the concept go deep into the hearts of the people, such as "everyone is responsible for optimizing business environment".

                  We should strengthen supervision and assessment. Our city will bring the work of optimizing the business environment into the annual target assessment. To those who have achieved outstanding results in optimizing the business environment, we would commend and encourage the county (city, district), park, municipal departments and staff; and to those who failed to implement their work and achieve their goals, we would circulate a notice of criticism.

                  Reduce Links and Shorten Time

                  Try to create an efficient and convenient government environment

                  "Government service" is the most important factor for enterprises to invest in Mianyang. Therefore, to optimize the business environment, we need to take the lead in optimizing government services. According to the Work Programme, we will make every effort to create an efficient and convenient government environment in terms of deepening the reform of "applied once at most", deepening the reform of key areas and key links, so as to simplify the procedures and gradually realizing the successful establishment on Internet.

                  We will deepen the reform of "applying at most once". Provincial integrated government service platforms should be fully used by various departments to provide unified and convenient online services for enterprises and the masses, and to improve the implementation list of integrated government service platforms. The list of "applying once at most", "applying through network", "applying as soon as possible" and "applying nearly" should be published, in order to provide applicants choices to handle relevant government services in entity or online.

                  We should promote the construction of co-operation with cities, applying everywhere, and in different districts. Unifying the acceptance list of government service items in the government service hall of municipal level and municipal districts (parks), the items on the list can be handled in any government service hall in the main urban area. The applicant may choose to handle the examination and approval matters at the district (park) or municipal government service center on his own, so as to speed up the implementation of government service items in the same city and applying in the place closing to him, and gradually realize that applications affairs can be handled in different places.

                  In addition, we will focus on promoting the reform of investment project approval, optimizing the process of construction project approval, simplifying the procedures of real estate registration, continuing to carry out certificate reduction and convenience actions, promoting the reform of enterprise registration and cancellation facilitation, and improving the level of enterprise tax payment facilitation, etc., so as to carry out process re-engineering in an all-round way and reduce the management time.
                  Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency
                  Try to create an open and competitive market environment

                  Business environment is an attraction for both talents and resources. According to the Work Programme, we should adhere to take measures precisely, promote the continuous optimization of business environment in a multidimensional, three-dimensional and all-round way, actively integrate business environment with the national and global markets, develop a higher level of open economy, enable all kinds of market participants to use production factors equally in terms of the law, participate in market competition fairly and orderly, and cultivate and attract more market participants to take root in Mianyang's development.

                  We should improve the convenience of water and electricity services. We should promote water, power and gas supply enterprises to further streamline the application materials, simplify business processes, standardize the behavior of reporting service, and significantly reduce the reporting time. And we promote the realization of online booking, near booking and online payment, and realize the intelligence of water and electricity services.

                  We should improve cross-border trade facilitation for businesses. We will continue to do a good job in the pilot project of "single window" construction in international trade, realize the collision of inspection data and instructions, and information sharing, further integrate business processes in an all-round way, implement paperless work of customs, and maintain the paperless inspection rate of reporting more than 90%.

                  We should reduce the difficulty and cost of enterprise financing. We should implement fiscal and financial interaction policy, improve the policy transmission mechanism of government incentives for finance and financial support for industrial development, and promote better financial services to the real economy. At the same time, we should actively develop financial inclusion, build a supply chain financial service platform, better play the role of "Shui Xin Rong" platform, and provide financing and credit enhancement services for enterprises.

                  In addition, by improving the level of investment facilitation, reducing the cost of electricity and logistics, we will promote the work of speeding up the network and reducing fees, further reduce taxes and fees, improve the mechanism of land supply and withdrawal for industrial land, and encourage enterprises to carry out consumption promotion and market expansion activities. So that we can break all kinds of unreasonable barriers and restrictions and give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources.

                  Strict Enforcement of Law and Firm Protection of Rights and Interests

                  Try to create a fair and just legal environment

                  Market economy is an economy governed by law, which must be guaranteed by a strong rule of law. We will focus on strict and fair law enforcement, protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and the masses, so that everyone can work and live in peace and have a free hand of business development.

                  Intellectual property protection should be strengthened. We will carry out administrative law enforcement checks on patents, investigate and deal with cases of counterfeiting patents. Intellectual property protection of exhibitions should be strengthened. Intellectual property protection workstations should be set up at each Mianyang Science and Technology City International High-Tech Expo, and joint law enforcement and inspection should be conducted by public security, industry and commerce, copyright and other departments. Intentional infringement of intellectual property rights shall be incorporated into the credit system and disclosed in a timely manner in accordance with regulations. We will promote the completion rate of intellectual property administrative law enforcement cases and maintain it at more than 95%.

                  We should improve the level of rule of law in business environment. Strictly fulfilling the policy commitments made to the social and administrative counterparts according to law, if anyone violating the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and citizens due to breach of contract, he would bear legal and economic responsibilities. Where the government's commitments and contract agreements need to be changed due to national interests, public interests or other legal reasons, and changes shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the legal authority and procedures, and the property losses suffered by enterprises and investors shall be compensated according to law.

                  We will comprehensively promote "inspections by  randomly selected inspectors of randomly selected entities and the public  release of inspection results" and "Internet + regulation". We should organize and implement comprehensive law enforcement and joint inspection, strictly prohibit multiple, repeated and rough law enforcement, strictly prohibit interfering in the normal production and operation activities of enterprises under the name of inspection, and timely make the results of random inspection public to the society. Also we should explore the implementation of large data supervision, cross-regional network market coordination supervision model, explore the construction of "first counseling, then rectification and law enforcement" administrative law enforcement process.

                  At the same time, efforts should be made to eliminate regulations and practices that hinder the unification of the market and fair competition. We should also implement inclusive and prudent supervision over emerging industries such as shared economy, energy-efficient industries and express delivery, explore customized inclusive and prudent supervision models and standards for emerging industries, and adhere to the bottom line of safety and quality.

                  Promising and Practicing
                  Make every effort to create an open and inclusive humanistic environment
                  Humanistic environment is an important aspect of business environment. Only by integrating and highlighting more humanistic feelings in development can we accelerate the formation of an open and inclusive humanistic environment. In the Work Program, we can know that Mianyang can be the place for investors and all kinds of talents, focusing on strengthening the construction of honesty and credit in government affairs and speeding up the improvement of the mechanism of keeping promises and fulfilling promises.

                  We should accelerate the construction of social credit system, establish and improve the platform for sharing and exchanging public credit information in the city and the platform for coordinated supervision of the national enterprise credit information publicity system, accelerate the effective collecting publicity of enterprise credit information, strengthen the responsibility of enterprise publicity, and improve the system of lists of enterprises with abnormal operation and serious breaches of trust. Also we should explore and promote the application of credit and joint rewards and punishments, promote the joint rewards and punishments memorandum covering key areas, deepen the promotion of honesty and credit education, and strengthen the construction of honesty and credit culture.

                  We should actively resolve the problems left over from history, and carry out special management of government dishonesty. For those who refuse to fulfill their promises and seriously damage the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in accordance with the law and discipline, we should investigate the responsibility and report typical cases. We should resolutely rectify the phenomena that some local governments and their working departments do not keeping promises and new officials ignoring old accounts.

                  Improve Services and Strengthen Security

                  Try to creating a livable and suitable urban environment

                  Business environment is not the best but better. Beautiful ecological environment, high quality public service and perfect infrastructure have always been the advantages of our city in competition with most similar cities. How to make the city stronger and superior? With the firmly determination, our city will resolutely break the stereotype of "basin consciousness", and constantly enhance the city's carrying capacity, attractiveness and influence.

                  We should further optimize enterprise relocation services. Local departments should further improve and optimize enterprise services, solve problems for enterprises, reduce and prevent abnormal relocation of great enterprises. Where there is a need for relocation across counties (cities and districts) for enterprises paying taxes tens of millions and marketing enterprises in Mianyang, the territorial governments (administrative committees) and relevant departments shall report to the municipal governments in a timely manner, and the municipal governments shall coordinate the service and guarantee work.

                  We should improve the level of public services, improve employment policies, optimize income distribution and social security mechanisms, accelerate reform in education, health care, culture and social governance, and further improve the quality and supply level of social undertakings and public services. We will promote the reform of the household registration system, implement the residence permit system in an all-round way, integrate migrant workers into the coverage of local public services such as education, basic medical and health care, reduce the cost of free labor flowing, and facilitate the settlements, employment, medical treatment and schooling of foreign investors, high-level talents and their families and children.

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