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                  Mianyang City People's Government Official Website

                  Strive to Optimize the Business Environment in Mianyang

                  2019-03-08 11:23
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                  Business environment is a business card for a city to set sights on world level. It is the core competitiveness for cities to participate in national and even global cooperation. On February 26, the city-wide conference on optimizing the business environment was held, proposing the optimization of the business environment to be the "No.1 project" to promote high-quality economic development, and create a first-class condition in China, a rule-of-law, internationalization and facilitation business condition leading in Sichuan province. So as to provide solid support for accelerating the construction of a Science and Technology City in China and a modern and strong city in the western region.

                  The successful convening of the conference issued a "Mobilization Order" to optimize the business environment and pressed the "fast-forward" button.  Cadres and masses in Mianyang and all sectors of society promptly implemented the spirit of the conference. We all agree that we will thoroughly implement the spirit of the Congress, take greater and more concrete steps to further improve the business environment, give enterprises and the masses a greater sense of fulfillment, and inject strong vitality and impetus into the high-quality development of our city's economy.

                  The spirit of the meeting, like a spark of fire, was conveyed quickly to all sections and departments. It particular triggered a strong response in the relevant departments responsible for administrative examination and approval, administrative supervision, administrative law enforcement and public affairs-related matters in the business departments. We all agreed that the city-wide conference would become an obvious signal of creating a first-class business condition in China,a rule-of-law, internationalization and facilitation business environment leading in Sichuan province. We will implement the spirit of the conference in depth, strengthen service awareness, innovate service methods, and strive to become five-star "attendants" and gold medal "waiters".

                  Superior ecological environment, high-quality public services, perfect infrastructure have always been the advantages of competition with most of the similar cities. How to make the city stronger and superior and how to continuously enhance the citys bearing capacity, advantage, attraction and the influence? The Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment will continue to optimize the layout, pay close attention on every step, scientifically and reasonably delineate the "three lines-single", firmly holding the red line of ecological protection and leaving sufficient space for the future development of our city. At the same time, environmental supervision will be strengthened in and after the incident, particularly in the guidance on autonomous acceptance of key and sensitive projects, and the issuance of sewage permits in 18 industries will be completed. In addition, the examination and approval reform will be further carried out. We will refine and implement the reform Fang-Guan-Fu( it means that streamline administration and institute decentralizationJustice supervisionHigh-effective service) in the field of environmental impact assessment, and improve the quality and efficiency of EIA examination and approval. To create a harmonious business environment for law-abiding enterprises to ensure that the law-based administration, strict law enforcement, and service development are reflected in the whole process of ecological environment law enforcement.

                  Optimizing the business environment is the most enduring way to win. "Further Improving the Business Environment Work Plan in Mianyang City", that is, "35 regulations optimizing the business environment " was carried out to really benefit the masses and enterprises.

                  The Bureau of Administration and Services Supervision of and Administration of Mianyang will achieve new breakthroughs in the standardization of government affairs services, and solve the difficulties to promote the optimization of the business environment. According to the way that working mode of the government affairs service person "the department puts forward the realization of the goal, the government affairs service supervision department coordinate to solve the problem", We should implement the meeting spirit and the work plan, comb the task list thoroughly and establish the work account. We will be in conjunction with relevant departments, proceed with the "five breakthroughs" and implement them one by one. We will vigorously implement centralized management of government affairs services to achieve the transformation of "multi-doors" into "one-door", complete the establishment of comprehensive acceptance windows combined by the city, county and township levels, and gradually realize "one-window involves all".  At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of "one-network involves all", we should build a platform for information sharing and business collaboration throughout the city, break the information barriers of departments, truly realize the docking of city-level business system and provincial integration platform, make a solid foundation for realizing "applying once at most" and "no errands ", and be a good five-star "attendant" of the masses and enterprises and a gold medal "waiter".

                  The Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Mianyang will strictly implement the fair competition examination system, actively clean up and abolish various regulations and practices that hinder the unification of the market and fair competition, strengthen anti-monopoly law enforcement, carry out in-depth special governance of unfair competition, and make contributions to create a first-class business environment in China, a rule-of-law, internationalization and facilitation business environment leading in Sichuan province.

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