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                  Mianyang City People's Government Official Website

                  Mianyang Strictly Inspected School Food Safety

                  No Cooperation Was Found Between the School Canteen and Sichuan Deyu Logistics Company

                  2019-03-22 10:04
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                  (Mianyang Daily)- (Reporter: Deng Juan)The problems related to the food quality of a school canteen in Chengdu have aroused social concern. The Mianyang Municipal Committee of CPC and the Mianyang Municipal People’s government attached great importance to it. Liu Chao, Secretary of the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of the MPC and Mayor Yuan Fang made important instructions on school food safety. They required the leaders in charge of taking the lead. The Mianyang Municipal Bureau of Education and Sports, Municipal Market Supervision and Administration, and the counties (cities, districts) and parks should be responsible for the food safety in the canteens of primary and secondary schools and inspect every corner, timely eliminate hidden problems, and ensure food safety for teachers and students. Our city, county (city, district), administrative department of education in the park and market supervision department took prompt action. Inspection teams were dispatched to inspect the food safety of schools at all levels, especially the supply of raw materials in canteens. 

                  On March 13, it is said that the counties (cities, districts), the administrative department of education in the park and the Department of market supervision dispatched personnel to each school, leading by the Municipal Bureau of Education and Sports and the Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision. Personnel went to schools in their respective jurisdictions to strictly check school food safety, especially the supply of raw materials in school canteen. After preliminary investigation, no cooperation relationship has been found between the school canteen and Deyu Logistics Company in our city until now. At the same time, the Municipal Bureau of Education and Sports also held the city's school food safety Symposium in time, and arranged for deployment to further strengthen the school food safety management. 

                  In addition, in view of the cooperative relationship between Mianyang High School, Mianyang Nanshan High School, Jiangyou Taibai Middle School, Santai Middle School and Sichuan Deyu Logistics Management Service Co., Ltd., Mianyang County (City) Market Supervision Bureau and Education and Sports Bureau immediately went to the above schools for inspection according to law. After investigation, it was proved that the food ingredients in the canteens of the above four schools had no purchasing relationship with Sichuan Deyu Logistics Management Service Co., Ltd.  So please don't believe rumors. 

                  It is reported that the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau and the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will continue to carry out special inspections on food safety of schools in Mianyang, so as to ensure that teachers and students can eat safe food.

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