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                  Mianyang City People's Government Official Website

                  Fu Kang Visited Zitong Engineering Construction Spot Of The Second Phase of Irrigation of Wudu Water Diversion Project

                  2019-03-22 09:57
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                  (Mianyang Daily)- (Reporter: Li Lingyue)On December 12, Fu Kang, deputy secretary of Mianyang municipal party committee, led the relevant responsible comrades of the municipal (Wudu water diversion project administration bureau) to visit Zitong county to investigate the construction of second-phase irrigation area of Wudu Water Diversion Project.

                  Fu Kang with others visited the eagle stone aqueduct and Yuanshan water gate in the seventh section of Xizi main canal to see the progress of the project. After knowing that the first section of Xizi main canal, 23 kilometers long, had been basically completed and the water supply of Fenghuang reservoir in Zitong county has been realized, and knowing the successful closure of the rare high-span Erdong bridge aqueduct and eagle stone aqueduct, Fu Kang gave full affirmation to preliminary progress of the project and showed respect to the builders working on the front line of the project.

                  Fu Kang pointed out that The Second Phase construction of irrigation of Wudu Water Diversion Project was the city's "13th five-year" key water conservancy projects and Sichuan’s key project to build "another Dujiangyan irrigation area", not only serving as a contemporary large-scale water conservancy project that is beneficial to the future generation, but also bringing huge impact on the people's lives, especially on the development of agricultural production. At present, the construction of the project has entered a sprint stage that all the relevant departments should organize carefully and make overall arrangements and practically accelerate the construction of water conservancy facilities such as Xizi trunk canal, branch canal and lateral canal, etc. so as to push the capital construction of irrigation and water conservancy in our city to a new level and lay a solid foundation for accelerating the construction of a strong modern agricultural city in the west.

                  Fu Kang stressed, based on quality, we should adhere to the progress of quality to carefully organize the construction with first-class technology construction management for building a centennial project that can withstand the test of history. We should pay close attention to safety which matters most in construction and adhere to safe and civilized construction to ensure project construction safety and quality safety. On the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of the project, we should do everything possible to speed up the construction progress and check the standard and schedule of the project tasks to ensure that the main body of Wudu water diversion project can be basically completed before the end of the year. Relevant departments of cities and counties should further closely cooperate and strengthen coordination, keeping track of the progress of projects in a timely manner, and coping with the difficulties in the progress of projects in a timely manner, to raise and utilize project construction funds through multiple channels in a timely manner and to ensure the strong and orderly progress and implementation of projects.

                  It is known that, with an area of 1,053,200 mu, the main projects include the Wudu reservoir direct irrigation area water intake project, the construction of Xizi trunk canal, Jinfeng reservoir as well as small and trunk canal system and its supporting buildings in connection. The irrigation project is served in Mianyang Jiangyou, Zitong, Yanting, Jiange Guangyuan , the south Nanchong and Hongshe Suining .

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