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                  Mianyang City People's Government Official Website

                  Symposium over Food Safety Supervision 2019 Held in Mianyang

                  Municipal Leaders, Liu Chao and Yuan Fang, gave instructions on school food safety

                  2019-03-22 09:52
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                  (Mianyang News)- (Mianyang Daily Deng Juan) On March 14, the Mianyang Food Safety Committee held a Symposium about food safety supervision in 2019 that briefed the relevant work, and work to strength the management of campus food safety. Liu Chao, secretary of the Mianyang Municipal Committee of CCP and Yuan Fang, deputy secretary of MMCCCP and mayor, gave instructions on school food safety service.

                  After conveying the two leaders instructions, relevant departments at all levels put the school food safety work on high agenda to strengthen the leadership and to guarantee of organization, centralizing the investigation and inspection of food safety in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. We will strictly check whether the food and ingredients are deteriorated, the responsibilities are implemented, the canteen management is compliant and the supervision is in place or not, etc. We should improve the management system, resolutely overcome mentality that one can escape from responsibility, strictly control the safety of food and food materials in all aspects, especially the implement of the whole process management from shipment to table so that teachers and students can eat at ease. The supervision of food safety in centralized dining places should be carried out for  protecting the food safety of the people.

                  The meeting emphasized that we should strictly implement the joint responsibility of the Party and the government for food safety, each performing its duties, strengthen the investigation of potential risks of food safety, and put an end to the food safety incidents. The administrative department of education should strictly implement the main responsibility system of food safety on campus, carry out food safety education in depth, supervise the standardized management of school canteens, comprehensively strengthen the supervision and inspection work, and seriously investigate and punish malfeasance in management. In particular, we should urge school directors to take on such responsibility, and promote health management of relevant practitioners, encourage parent committees to participate in food safety supervision and play a role of social supervision. Food safety supervision departments should strengthen the daily inspection of food safety in school canteens, give scientific publicity of food safety knowledge, and severely punish violations of laws and regulations. Food safety department and security development should closely cooperate and work together to form a joint effort of supervision throughout the whole process. The Municipal Food and Security Office should strengthen comprehensive coordination, supervision and guidance, promptly solve key and difficult problems in its work to ensure the solid progress of all work.

                  The Municipal Bureau of Education and Sports and the Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision and Administration respectively briefed the survey about school food safety and the supervision and inspection on city's food safety.

                  Yan Chao, member of the Standing Committee of MMCCCP, Vice Mayor and Director of the Municipal Food Security Commission, Zhang Xuemin, member of the Standing Committee of MMCCCP and Minister of Propaganda, Wang Minghua, Vice Mayor and Director of Mianyang Public Security Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

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