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                  Mianyang City People's Government Official Website

                  Meeting between the Mayor of Mianyang and the Secretary of the CPC and Chairman of China Nuclear Industry No.24 Construction Co., Ltd.

                  2019-03-14 16:57
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                  On March 8, Yuan fang, deputy secretary of the Mianyang Municipal Committee of CCP and mayor of Mianyang, met with Zhang Shibing, the secretary of the communist party of China and chairman of China Nuclear Industry No.24 Construction Co., Ltd.

                  During the meeting, Yuan Fang said that for a long time, the enterprise had taken root in Mianyang and radiated the whole country, vigorously promoting the economic development of Mianyang and making positive contributions to the economic and social development of Mianyang.At present, the central and provincial governments attached unprecedented importance and support to the development of Mianyang.  Mianyang has been entering an important period of strategic opportunities for transformation, innovation and leapfrog development. China Nuclear Industry No.24 Construction Co., Ltd. was hoped to give full play to the unique resource advantage, platform and technology advantages. Based on the existing good cooperation, it could further strengthen communication and cooperation with military industrial units, scientific research institutes, platform enterprises located in Mianyang, widely participating in major industrial projects and construction of key infrastructure of Mianyang, and actively publicizing Mianyang to attract more high quality projects. We government would strive to provide companies with all-round first-rate services in development, and have mutually beneficial cooperation.

                  Zhang Shibing expressed his gratitude for the care and help the enterprise had received for a long time before. “As a registered central enterprise in Mianyang, China Nuclear Industry No.24 Construction Co., Ltd. has made great progress in recent years with the support of party committees and governments at all levels in Mianyang,” he said. Mianyang's strong scientific and technological strength, solid industrial foundation and superior development environment were impressive, which were not only the determination of the enterprise to take root in Mianyang, but also the solid foundation for its development and growth. “We are very optimistic about our cooperation with Mianyang, and we will give full play to our advantages, actively seeking opportunities for cooperation and carrying out practical cooperation with Mianyang in deeper and broader areas to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

                  Luo Meng, Vice mayor of Mianyang and Wu Mingyu, secretary general of Mianyang municipal government also attended the meeting.

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