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                  Mianyang City People's Government Official Website

                  Mianyang Launches the Hundred-day Action to Rectify Misconducts in Health Care Market

                  2019-01-31 14:40
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                  (Mianyang News) -- (Reporter: Huang Bo, Li Qiaozhen; intern: Zhou Min) On January 23, the city government held “Chunlei Action 2019” & Deployment Meeting on the Hundred-day Action to Rectify Misconducts in Health Care Market. Zhao Yingchun, vice mayor, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
                  “Chunlei Action 2019” & Deployment Meeting on the Hundred-day Action to Rectify Misconducts in Health Care Market, is a large-scale market rectification action since Mianyang carried out a major adjustment of the city’s market supervision system. Starting from the mid-January to the end of April, the action lasts for 100 days. With the theme of “focusing on market supervision to secure economic development”, the action has taken measures in five aspects, that is, rectifying misconducts in health care market, securing food safety, drugs security, quality and safety, and maintaining market order. Counties of Mianyang have also take their own actions to effectively rectify the misconducts in markets, ensure the optimized business operating environment and sustain the high-quality development of the economy. Mianyang has attached great importance to this special action. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has formulated a series of work plans and assessment methods. Each department in charge of market supervision at county level has also set up the work promotion mechanism under which the superiors take the holistic responsibilities and the subordinates take the specific responsibilities. So far, the whole city has formed a favorable situation in this regard.
                  It is required at the meeting that the municipal market supervision departments should carefully organize actions to rectify misconducts in markets, quickly and strictly investigate and combat illegal behaviors in health care market. They should resolutely take actions to do a good job in market supervision, establish a new pattern of market supervision, set new goals for market supervision and create new image of market supervision. They should also highlight the key points of rectification and strengthen law enforcement to jointly solve the hot issues concerning the people. 

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