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                  Mianyang City People's Government Official Website

                  Fu Kang Attends the Provincial Conference on Poverty Alleviation and Development in Mianyang Branch

                  2019-01-31 14:34
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                  The provincial conference on poverty alleviation and development calls for a resolutely winning of the key battle to fight against poverty in an all-round way 

                  (Mianyang News) -- (Reporter: Li Lingyue) On January 21, the provincial conference on poverty alleviation and development was held in Chengdu. It summarized the poverty alleviation work in 2018, studied and deployed the key work in 2019, and rearranged the key work of eliminating poverty. The meeting was held by video-conference. Fu Kang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, attended the branch meeting in Mianyang.
                  The meeting pointed out that in the past year, departments at all levels have been bearing in mind the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping. We have carried out large-scale poverty alleviation and meticulous poverty alleviation. As a result, 1.04 million people were out of poverty, which proved that we have exceeded the annual target and achieved significant phased results in fighting poverty.
                  The meeting emphasized that the key battle to fight against poverty in 2019 is very crucial. We should further improve our political standing and take fighting for a resolute victory in the battle against poverty as the specific action to strengthen “four consciousnesses”, to be confident in four aspects and to safeguard in two aspects. With hard and persistent work, we won’t stop until we win the battle against poverty. We need to focus on the key points and concentrate our efforts on those extremely poverty areas. This year, all the Zang areas should take off their hats of poverty-stricken counties, and Yi areas must achieve a decisive breakthrough in overcoming poverty. Thus, in 2020, all poverty-stricken counties will achieve the goal of poverty alleviation. We should make more detailed policies and measures, adhere to the target that people don’t worry about food and clothing, and people’s compulsory education, basic medical care and safe housing can be guaranteed. We should solve the poverty problem in non-poverty-stricken villages and counties, carry out re-check work and focus on poverty alleviation of those relocation people; we should further promote the implementation of poverty alleviation cooperation, targeted poverty alleviation and counterpart assistance in the eastern and western regions. We will study and solve the livelihood problems of the poor households whose income level is slightly higher than that of the poverty-stricken households in the archives; we should attach importance to the connection between poverty alleviation and rural rejuvenation, strengthen poverty alleviation and firmly believe in informatization construction, and make every effort to improve the quality of poverty alleviation. We should make our work responsibilities more rigorous, insist that leading cadres take the lead, that industry departments cooperate closely, that grass-roots organizations lead the masses and social forces participate vigorously. Bearing in mind a high degree of political responsibility and deep feelings to our people, we must coordinate with each other to achieve good results in the implementation of various tasks.
                  Vice mayor Jing Dazhong attended the meeting in Chengdu main venue. 

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