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                  Mianyang City People's Government Official Website

                  Magnetic Products "Made by Mianyang" Can Save 30% Energy

                  Industrial Technology Research Institute of China (Mianyang) Released New Magnetic Products

                  2019-01-23 09:55
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                  (Mianyang News) -- (Reporter: Yuan Yuan) The Industrial Technology Research Institute of China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City held a product release conference recently. The Ninth Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) launched the latest magnetic products and related patented technologies.
                  As the only comprehensive applied magnetism research institution in China, the Ninth Research Institute of CETC focuses on the research, development, production and service of military magnetic materials and special components. Besides this, it is also engaged in the basic research of applied magnetism. This release conference showcased the high-end dual-use technology achievements made by the Ninth Research Institute of CETC. With leading technological level, these advanced products have provided opportunities for military and civilian enterprises to cooperate.
                  At the conference, the Ninth Research Institute of CETC released high-performance rare earth-cobalt permanent magnetic material, dual-purpose magnetic radar absorbing material, fluxgate sensor and other magnetic products as well as related patented technologies. Li Yangxing, assistant chief engineer of the Ninth Research Institute of CETC, introduced that the high-performance rare earth-cobalt permanent magnetic material has significantly improved the motor efficiency, saving 30% of energy. This kind of material is mainly applied in high-speed railway traction, ship propulsion, submarine motor, space momentum, etc. Dual-purpose magnetic radar absorbing material is made of ultra-micro nano-composite material, which performs well in suppressing chip noise and absorbing electromagnetic waves. Fluxgate sensor is widely applied in aerospace detection, measurement, magnetic navigation and positioning, etc. 

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